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An inquiry-based, technology-wise and personalized program to embark on an engaging, meaningful, joyful and empowering learning journey.

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Our Program empowers the whole child so they become lifelong learners who thrive in all aspects of their life and easily adapt as the world changes.


The focus of the EC & Elementary Program is less on content and more on the process of learning by encouraging students to ask and answer their own questions. The EC & Elementary Program is designed around 7 key principles that define a unique culture of learning.

The program is also highly compatible with local and national requirements.

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An engaging program that develops a sense of self and community while helping students explore their interests and define their aspirations.

The IC Secondary Program is adaptable to every school context. 

Schools can decide to opt for an implementation based on either cohort groups or mastery classes.

- Cohort: Grade-level students must do a minimum of 1 annual course per year or two-semester courses in each of the 7 areas of focus. Additionally, they can choose any other course offered by their school. 

- Mastery: Courses are organized by Mastery levels instead of age groups. Students must still participate in courses from all 7 areas.

The IC Secondary Program made of 7 transdisciplinary areas of focus is meaningfully designed to meet the needs of every student and create deep learning experiences.


The IC Program is also highly compatible with local and national requirements. It offers flexibility to schools and choices to students.

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A Diploma that captures the full picture.

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International Comprehensive has developed a new diploma that not only provides evidence of academic proficiency, but also truly captures students’ holistic growth, interests and personality traits.

The combined mastery credits earned by a student create a unique and authentic visualization of each learner’s strengths and interests

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The Comprehensive Diploma offers a student-driven solution that empowers them to drive their own learning and choose their own pathway to Higher Education and beyond.

Subject scores alone fail to tell the story of a whole person. Currently, most school transcripts only capture academic success and are designed around assessments and tests.

What do passing grades and current transcripts tell about a student’s competencies, personal growth, personality, interests, community involvement or out-of-school experiences and achievements?

Not much.

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