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The IC Accreditation is a quality assurance recognition to certify that your school is meeting the standards of high-quality international education as defined by IComprehensive and is committed to ongoing improvement through continuous reflection and Professional Learning.

Becoming an IC school is having access to up-to-date outstanding teaching and learning resources to help you shape a forward-thinking and inspiring culture of learning. We acknowledge that every school is different, just like every learner is unique. While supporting schools to align their program with their vision, the IC program is also highly compatible with local and national requirements.


The IComprehensive accreditation is a light yet empowering learning journey with a clear path, not a time-consuming and bureaucratic procedure.

At Icomprehensive,  we acknowledge your professionalism and value both your time and your growth. Our accreditation process is designed to function in the best possible manner with efficient use of your time and resources. Rather than compiling thousands of files, the IComprehensive’s approach focuses on the process with a school portfolio in conjunction with regular feedback from our team. 

We are not just evaluating you at the end, we are with you during the whole process and beyond.

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Once schools are accredited, they are given:

  • The right to use the IC framework and logo.

  • The right to use one, two or three IC program(s).

  • The right to use our teaching and learning materials: IC guides, tutorials, templates, resources and tools.

  • Priority access to book a seat at one of our Professional Learning opportunities with a 10% discount.

  • A personalized support from your dedicated IC facilitator and regular office hours. 

  • A time efficient and purposeful quality evaluation every three years

  • Educator certificates for course completion

  • Student Comprehensive Diploma certificates

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